The Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka is the oldest and the most significant higher education, scientific and research institution in the area of Maritime Studies in the Republic of Croatia. In thecourse of its operation, it has educated a whole series of top experts who contributed to the development of their region and the entire Croatia using the knowledge gained at the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka. It is precisely this tradition that obliges us to preserve and develop our Faculty with our work, dedication and conduct. The cooperation of students, teaching and administrative staff, as well as the integration into the local, regional and national surroundings was the key moment in the development of the Faculty and a fertile basis for the intensive growth and development of the Faculty in the future. Along with the experienced teachers, we also have young teachers, scientists, research assistants and external associates guaranteeing safe prosperity of the Faculty in the oncoming decades. In order to provide the latest insightsand modern ways of education to our students, we stimulate the development of our teachers, associates and we continuously strive to equip and update our laboratories and simulators.

Wherever possible, we encourage an individual approach to students, smaller groups and a stimulating and creative atmosphere in our work with the students. The opinion of our students is extremely important so the Faculty regularly conducts a survey among the students evaluating the quality of work of our teachers. We have established a documented quality management system, based on the general requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard, i.e. HRN EN ISO 9001:2015, certified in 2001 by the authorized certification organizations Bureau Veritas and the Croatian Register of Shipping.

The most important goal and task of the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka is to establish and develop suitable study programmes (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate), as well as to perform scientific research in the multidisciplinary area of Maritime Studies. All activities of the Faculty are realized in accordance with the principles of the sustainable development of economy and social community in which the Faculty operates. The Faculty of Maritime Studies promotes science and research directed towards the application of contemporary scientific achievements in the area of Maritime Studies for the requirements of maritime economy in order to achieve greater economic success, as well as for fulfilling the requirements of all social factors, primarily with the goal of preserving the natural and other resources of the sea and the coast and establishing new theoretical and practical scientific insights in the complex area of Maritime Studies. The Faculty of Maritime Studies continuously develops its cooperation with the national economy and actively participates in the development of maritime economy by conducting various strategic and expert projects. Besides the mentioned activities, another important activity that will be continuously developed includes the programmes of permanent seafarer's professional education. All these activities aim to educate and prepare the students for their future. This is why we will also continue to enquire about the profile of students neededon the labour market, i.e. we will try to implement the requirements of the market into our study programmes and courses.

The three pillars of the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Rijeka are: the professors-teachers, the students and the administrative staff. The teaching staff is responsible for creating the teaching, scientific and professional reputation and the unique image of the Faculty in the country, as well as abroad.

The students are in the focus of our interest and they are equal members of the academic community who participate in all Faculty’s activities: learning and teaching, research, quality development and the Faculty life (sailing, rowing, association POMFRI, Faculty ball and many others). Their academic and professional development is the responsibility of all teaching and administrative staff. Administrative, technical and professional staff of the Faculty is an indispensable part of the chain for providing quality and efficient education to our students.

In the end, we must not forget that the Faculty does not consist only of buildings, offices, classrooms, laboratories and work places, but something more vivid: it is all of us – its employees and students. Our mutual relations and conduct is something we will all remember. Therefore, by choosing this Faculty, you become a member of a community where you will gain a completely different experience of studying than on other faculties and you can help us remain the best educational institution in the field of Maritime Studies in our country.

We wish you a lot of success and luck in your studies,

Dean Full Prof. Alen Jugović, PhD