Guidelines for authors

Instructions to Authors

1. The Journal is a multidisciplinary scientific journal published twice a year.

2. Refereed papers and non-refeered supplements are published in the Journal. The refeered papers may be written in Croatian and English and are categorized as technical papers, conference papers, review articles, preliminary communications and research papers (of 16 typewritten double-spaced pages). The non-refeered supplements are information on scientific meetings and workshops, reviews of books and journals, new regulations, organizational changes, etc. (up to 4 double-spaced pages).

3. Papers should be written in Croatian and English. If the author has submitted his paper without an English translation, the services of a translater will be offered, but at his expences and according to the fixed translation tariff list. If the Croatian language is not the author’s mother tongue, he can submit his paper in English only.

4. The Journal is printed in an A4 size.

5. Authors are kindly asked not to correct the typescript graphically.

6. It is necessary to put the author’s name, his address and telephone number, together with the title of the paper and its summary on the first page of the paper. The summary should contain the minimum of 100 words or 12 lines, stating very briefly the goal, methodology, main ideas and purposes of the paper as well as its scientific contribution. Key words should be listed after the summary.

7. Tables, diagrams, illustrations and charts must be understandable (bearing the ordinal number, title and source of information, and, if necessary, the explanation of symbols). Formulae should be put down as clear as possible using the standard expressions.

8. The list of references, at the end of the paper, should refer to particular bibliographic units, bear the ordinal number (in square brackets), and be listed in alphabetic order considering the author’s name. Quotations should be written in brackets, stating the ordinal number of the bibliographic unit and the page or stating the name of the author of the bibliographic unit, the year of publication and the pages. It is preferable to avoid quoting by using footnotes.

9. The bibliography (books, papers, Internet and other electronic sources in the paper / textual quotations) should be Harvard Style-sized.

10. Authors, not employed at the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka, should submit their address, telephone number and e-mail address.

11. The typescript is to be sent to the e-mail address of the Journal: or to the one of the executive editor:

Every single author is the only person responsible for the facts stated in her/his paper published in the Scientific Journal of Maritime Research. The Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka, as Editor and Publisher, is, therefore, released from any responsibility that may be imposed on in this respect.