Pomorstvo - Scientific Journal of Maritime Research
Scientific Journal of Maritime Research
UDK: 656.61
ISSN: 1332-0718
e-ISSN 1846-8438

Publisher: Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka, University of Rijeka

Adress: Studentska 2, 51000 Rijeka
Phone: 051 338 411


The review process is one-way blind and classified and is generally completed in one month.

After a paper has been submitted, the Reviewer Committe and/or Chief Editor, decides on the paper acceptability. If the submitted paper satisfies the submission requirements, paper willbe sent to suggested reviewers. Every submission is reviewed by two and/or three reviewers.

Paper can be accepted or rejected. Manuscript paper categories are: original scientific paper, preliminary communication, review article and technical paper. Technical paper are not published in the Journal.

Any paper should have at least one positive review. In case of two negative reviews, author will be informed that the paper will not be accepted for publication. An additional review will be done in case of one negative evaluation.

Reviewers' suggestions and oppinions will be sent to corresponding author which are then obliged to correct a paper or to comment them. Reviewers' names will be avoided. In case of two or more different paper categories for one paper, the Editor-in-Chief will make the final decison.