Mark Training Course Mark
D2 Basic safety training  (Personal safety and social responsibility, Basic first aid, Fire-fighting, Personal survival) STCW A-VI/1
D4 Rating forming a part of a navigational watch STCW II/4
D6A Radar Observer  
D6B Radar Observer and Automatic Radar Plotting Aid ARPA simulation – operational level  
D6C  Radar Observer and Automatic Radar Plotting Aid ARPA simulation – management level  
D7  Rating forming a part of an engineering watch in a manned engine-room STCW III/4
D11  General operator certificate STCW IV/2
D12  Advanced fire-fighting STCW VI/3
D13A Oil and Chemical Tankers Familiarization STCW V/1-1-1
D13B Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization STCW V/1-2-1
D14 Advanced oil tanker operations STCW V/1-1-2
D15 Advanced liquefied gas tanker operations STCW V/1-2-2
D16 Advanced chemical tanker operations STCW V/1-1-3
D18 Fast rescue boats operation STCW VI/2-2
D19 Medical first aid certificate STCW VI/4-1
D20 Advanced medical care certificate STCW VI/4-2
D21–D26 Security measures on a passenger ship  STCW V/2
D27 Dangerous goods handling STCW B-V/b-STCW B-V/c
D30  High speed craft HSC, operational level   
D31  High speed craft HSC, management level  
D32  Ship Security Officer STCW VI/5
D33 Company Security Officer  
D34 Port Facility Security Officer  
D42 Security Awareness Training STCW VI/6-1
D43  Seafarer with Designated Security Duties STCW VI/6-2
D44 Electronic Chart Display and Information System Training (ECDIS)  
D45  Bridge resource management  
D46 Engine-room resource management  
D47A Application of leadership and teamworking skills  
D47B Use of leadership and managerial skill  
D48 Marine Environmental Awareness  
D49A High Voltage – basic training  
D49B High Voltage – management level  
D50A  Basic training for ships subject to the IGF Code  STCW V/3 
D50B  Advanced training for ships subject to the IGF Code  STCW V/3 
SAR Search and Rescue Operations – Rescue of Survivors at Sea  
LCHS Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator  
VTSo VTS operater  
VTSs VTS Supervisor  
SH Ship Simulator and Bridge teamwork / Training for masters and mates of large ships and ships with unusual maneuvering characteristics  
AIS Automatic Identification System  
SBSO Shipboard Safety Officer  
AEIC Additional ECDIS Instruction Course  
ESMC ECDIS Stakeholders Management Course  
ERS Engine Room Simulator  
AEET Automation, Electronics and Electrical Training  
RT Reeferman training  
STC  Instructor for TRANSAS NTPro 5000 with Navi-Sailor MFD  
C6 Officer in charge of a navigational watch of a ship of 500 GT or more STCW II/1
C7 Master and Chief mate of a ship of 3,000 GT or more STCW II/2
C10 Officer in charge of an engineering watch on a ship powered by the main propulsion machinery of 750 kW propulsion power or more STCW III/1
C11 Chief engineer officer and Second engineer officer on a ship powered by the main propulsion machinery of 3,000 kW propulsion power or more STCW III/2
ETO Electro-technical officer (E3) STCW III/6
PPO N Special education program – nautical  
PPO B Special education program – marine engineering